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Ah, so you found the Sub-Directory, eh?  Sneaky. If you’re here, it means you want to be here. That’s good.

Well, this is where I speak my mind and post content that might eventually surface on the front page, on Twitter, or in the Newsletter (once I get around to setting it up).  As my thoughts trickle out, stream of conscious style, I’ll post them below. Chime in on Twitter or hit me up in IRC (Spenvo).

Because the Bitcoin Bulletin isn’t really meant to be a “blog,” I have tried to hide this page away from most eyeballs.  Content posting will be sporadic here, and will be polished up before put in the Bulletin’s Newsletter. Feel free to take the conversation on to Twitter, I’m @BitcoinBulletin

Entries here are listed from current to old.

From an old business classic, Loyalty Effect, Frederick Reichheld’s approach to employee loyalty is refreshing: sniping high quality talent from other firms is unfair to loyal employees and sends the wrong message: that the best way to make money is to hop firms. Google and Facebook are setting a precedent that will lead to short sighted hiring cycles and unneeded office drama. -End

Correction: This community is such a strange brew of economists, coders/hackers, speculators, druggies, cybercriminals, and moneylaunderers. It’s the closest thing to an online melting pot I’ve ever been a part of. I probably would have had similar feelings if I had lived in New Orleans or been processed at Ellis island during their heydays. -End

AHH!!! My blog breaks top 5 on Hacker News! Christmas came early! 😀  Time to listen to some Phoenix and chill out.  -END!

Man, the job interview process has been wearing me out this week.  And consequently, setting the Meet the Trader schedule back at least one day. -End

This community is such a strange brew of economists, geeks, speculators and noobs. It’s the closest resemblance to an online melting pot. I probably would have had similar feelings if I had lived in New Orleans or been processed at Ellis island during their heydays. -End

Savoring The Loyalty Effect by Frederick Reichheld. It’s an oldie, but it’s chocked full of business wisdom that’s timeless. At any rate, it’s something to take my mind off of the multiple crises in Japan. -End

Listening to back-to-back “Planet Money” podcasts.

Enjoying this article on deflation. -End

Reading headlines… The world is ripping apart at the seams. Interesting to note how Google reacts to crises. Reminds me of an article I read yesterday: -End

Who is John Galt? Could Bitcoin play a part in this awakening? #disruption -End

Listenin’ to Lasso by Phoenix.  Winding down with a walk.  All is good in the Bitcoin world. 🙂 -End

I’ve been getting some flack in IRC for doing the site in WordPress and not Drupal, but I have to say it’s been great to me.  It has very powerful plugins, seems extremely friendly to Google’s spiders and supports a large library of themes.  I’m aware that there have been a history of security flaws etc, but the Bulletin is not a critical service, so I’m not losing any sleep over it.  I’m looking forward to starting on a custom theme. -End

Damn it guys, I know this is not a positive topic, that’s why I’m posting it back here.  Sometimes I wonder “What if the cyber criminals / terrible people were among the first to participate in Bitcoin mining.” I mean, play it out 5, 10 years.  The saving grace here is that this only gives us reason to mine more and have more honest miners, and bring more people into the pool. … Because BTC isn’t going leaving. It’s here and here to stay.  At this point, we can only mitigate that eventuality. – End

Should I rename my site the “Everything I can think of get’s crammed onto the same page” site? -End

Does anyone have experience with Google’s Translate API? Thanks -End

Guys, I’m so excited right now; it’s unbelievable. We have had traffic from 25 countries! I would post the list, but it might not be in line with the Tor Project‘s standards of privacy. Nonetheless, it’s truly representative of the diverse international community that has an interest in BTC. I am considering what can be done to translate the site into different languages using open translate API’s, if they exist. Let me know if you are aware of the tools that could help me in this endeavor. -End

This made me pause. Note to self: read later. -End

Kind of got torn a new hole in IRC for singing wingcash praises. Why? Because it doesn’t support currencies other than USD, and it’s claims of privacy are suspect. -End

Checking out (via I wonder who backing this, I’m sure there’s some angel or vc funding involved. (Keeping my eye on crunchbase.) Whoever did this video must have done the Dropbox vids, just a hunch.

I would love to get a Bowling for Bitcoin interview with somebody on board.


It’s amazing how Bitcoin entrepreneurs are laying the groundwork down for the masses of people that will migrate to the currency in the coming months. On that note, I’m super pumped about reviewing/interviewing BTC Sports Bet. I’ve been playing around with it and it’s sick. Of course, err, I haven’t bet anything. 🙂 -End

When I get around to it I’ll be adding the MtGox trader API to the site, as well as some cooler ideas. Let me know on Twitter what you can come with. -End – Done, though it will probably move in the future.

I wonder how long it will take before there is a business that is completely (let’s say >90% of cash flow) based on Bitcoin (not including exchanges). -End

Just got an email from Cusipz from BitcoinSportsbook, and looks like we’ve got an interview for next week’s Meet the Trader.  I’m excited. -Spencer

I want to go to SXSW.  Too bad my car is a piece of shit.  Anybody going?  -End

It’s funny I asked a question earlier about Google’s stance on Bitcoins. They just announced a release of a Bitcoin java implementation on I’m ecstatic! -End

Here’s a question: are 22mil bitcoins enough? I know that they’re divisible to eight decimal places, etc., but most people are used to adding numbers to the left of the decimal place, not the right. I wonder how real this psychological barrier is. -End Posted in Forum

A story on CNN about Bitcoin would blow the community up. It’ll happen. -End

Another reason most people don’t know about Bitcoins: miners keep their mouths shut: the more people that know, the harder mining gets. -End

We all somewhat suspect that the government will hate the concept of the Bitcoin, as well as most big establishments. What about Google? Are Bitcoins evil? -End

Sometimes revolutions are brought upon by the changing environment itself, not a radical idea. -End

This is too funny First-Person Shooter Trial (youtube).

Wow, not that this surprises me but out of over 100 page views on the Bulletin, ZERO people viewed the site in IE.  Now this is a community I can jive with. – End

Interview from Zhong is back, regret asking some of the questions. Should be good tho. -End

Just finished up my Q’s for Peng Zhong’s interview. Should be funny/insightful. -End

It’s only been a few days since I’ve started thinking seriously about Bitcoin, but I’ve already started asking myself ridiculous questions like: “What is still relevant in a Bitcoin economy?”  Taxes are certainly negated.  Obviously, most things are still relevant, but only because the knowledge of Bitcoin is limited to geeks like me.  What about in five or ten years?  If everybody knows about Bitcoin and things go well, then an even better question emerges:  “What will become irrelevant?” -End

The US Treasury, will eventually face a serious dilemma.  They will have three choices:  1. Engage in cyber warfare, 2. Give bitcoin Press and recognition, or 3. Ignore Bitcoin -End

There’s one clear obstacle to Bitcoin truly becoming accepted and breaking the USD $2 mark.   People have to get used to the fact that there will never be more than 25 million of them.  If Gavin Andresen’s best case scenario (at the 4:55 mark) is to ever come true, then investors, traders, and ordinary people have to understand that receiving .15 Bitcoins is actually worth something.  Training people to think this way is not a trivial task.  -End

There’s something about Bitcoin that really evokes the entrepreneurial spirit in us all.  It’s a currency where anybody can make it.  Forget the red tape.  You don’t need permission.  -End

My thoughts on —  Witcoin strikes me as a service that has potential, simply because Bitcoin excels in small transactions as a currency. In social news/discussion forums, a high volume of small transactions are what is needed. An idea like this simply could not succeed with conventional currencies because of the transaction fees.  In fact, this may presage a unique kind of micro currency that hasn’t been feasible before Bitcoin’s existence.  Originally from my Booksmarks -End

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