Update: Bowling for Bitcoins: Meet the Trader

Hey guys, Spencer here.  Despite there being an initial interest in doing an interview pertaining to MtGox (an interest that was shared by the site’s operator, Mark Karpeles)–and despite preparations being made on my end to facilitate that interview–it appears that it’s not going to happen.  Hopefully, an interview with Mark will be made available at some later date.

Doing an interview is an involved process that takes time, and occasionally the process falls through.  In this case it did.  It’s been a tough week for MtGox (with crippling Denial of Service attacks, a busy feature-roll out schedule, etc.), and in no way will I fault Mark for putting his service and users first.

That having been said, I feel that the questions which were prepared for MtGox were relevant, and I hope that he or another MtGox representative decides to answer them at some point in the future.

In the meantime, I have two stellar interviewees lined up and am in the middle of the interview process with one of them.  I will wait to announce those interviewees until I can be sure that a post will be made.

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