Bitcoin Classifieds – Pulled from Craigslist

Landscape Materials (Denver) – Will haul landscape materials for delivery to your Denver metro address and, during May, will accept BitCoins for payment on the haulage.

i7 980X Processor – Intel Core i7 – 980X Extreme Gulftown 3.33GHz 6-Core Processor Free Delivery & installation if nearby! $800 (Los Angeles)

CRT Monitor- Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB – $100 (Los Angeles)

Michael Jackson Official Memorial Program – $400 (Staples Center, Los Angeles)

M-AUDIO Audiophile 192 Professional Sound Card. – $100 (Los Angeles)

27inch iMac Quad 2.93Ghz i7 + 8GB RAM + 2TB HDD – $2350 (Laguna Hills)  System specs available on Craigslist.

IKEA Baby crib with mattress – IKEA GULLIVER baby crib with all parts, manual and mattress – $80. Will also accept silver and bitcoin.  Find Contact Info and pictures at the Craigslist posting.

As always, buyers beware.  I suggest using ClearCoin charity escrow if you’re not meeting face to face.


The Bitcoin Bulletin

05-10-2011 – For those living in or near to New York, Bruce Wagner is hosting a weekly legal thinktank.  Learn more.

05-09-2011 – A pretty good laugh.  Well done Shazow! (Free Software Foundation) now accepts Bitcoin donations!  Here is the specific FSF Bitcoin landing page.

05-05-2011 – My awesome buddy Jared has just gotten a working version of the new Bitcoin Classifieds section up and running in a test environment.  It’s still a few days away from being ready for the public.

05-01-2011 – Currently listening to Agorist Radio’s Podcast 19 with Nefario.  I’m a big fan!  Thanks for this podcast.  Hehe, and Nefario, you seem like one cool dude.  The Bitcoin community is indebted to the early adopters/service providers like you.

04-29-2011 – The interviewee for the upcoming episode of Meet the Trader has been announced.  One week from today, Mark Karpeles of MtGox will be enlightening us all.

04-25-2011 – Two Meet the Traders are in the works, but it will be quite some time before they go up.  (They are very exciting though!)  I’ll announce the interviewees on Friday.  In the meantime, my buddy Jared and I are working away at bringing a very cool experience to the classifieds section.

04-24-2011Listening to Cyperphunkd’s Episode on Bitcoin Mania (Part 2)! This is a great intro for programmers on interfacing with the Bitcoin Client:  “We discussed how to access the API using XMLRPC-JSON and via the command line. What a best practice would be for programming a “shopping cart” or in/out exchange system to a hypothetical Poker Gambling website accepting Bitcoin.”

04-23-2011 – Just sent the first batch of questions to the mysterious Meet the Trader 06 guest!

04-22-2011 – I’m hard at work on the question for the next Meet the Trader interview!  Look for an announcement of the interviewee in the next couple of days.

04-22-2011 – Yale Law student Reuben Grinberg has published this preliminary draft of a legal paper on Bitcoin.  He is seeking feedback here.

04-18-2011 – I’m working on a comprehensive blog post that should be ready by the end of the week — currently in the research and outlining phase of the post.  Changes are still coming to the classifieds section of my site.  A first version will probably be introduced by the end of the month.

04-15-2011 – Bitcoin awareness is set to explode tomorrow with a TIME/CNN tech article: by Jerry Brito!

04-14-2011 – Plato’s Bitcoin roadtrip has begun!  Be sure to check out his blog at  He’s got a couple new posts up!

04-12-2011 – AgoristRadio’s Cypherpunkd Podcast last week with guest mids was an excellent talk on Bitcoin.  (via Bitcoin Money blog)

04-11-2011 – Episode 05 of Meet the Trader will be with Gavin Andresen of ClearCoin, Bitcoin Faucet and  ClearCoin is an escrow service that helps to mitigate the risks involved with Bitcoin transactions.  In keeping with the Bulletin’s tradition, tough questions will be asked, tears will swell, and we’ll have fun!  The interview will be posted on Tuesday, April 12th.

04-10-2011 – Intriguing:  Anonymous takes interest.  Bitcoin is perfectly suited for an underground economy. … In related news, a new anonymous incoming SMS service has popped up. Forum post.  SMSDragon

04-09-2011 – I just sent the second batch of Questions for Meet the Trader 05!

04-07-2011 – I just received the first batch of answers for Meet the Trader 05!

04-05-2011 –  Anyone with interesting PR-strategy ideas or cool new service ideas looking for a focused discussion might want to check out the new IRC channel at #bitcoin-marketing on the Freenode server.

04-05-2011 –  I’m very surprised at the level of Bitcoin spam I’ve been finding in Craigslist results, and disheartened by the low level of new BTC posts made.

04-04-2011 – The first set of questions for Meet the Trader 05 has been sent out!  I will announce the interviewee when the process is nearing completion.

04-03-2011 – This Week’s Meet the Trader will be delayed a few days, but it should be great!

03-31-2011 – I have found the story for next week’s blog post and will begin work on a new bitcoin web app this weekend!  Should be fun!

03-30-2011 –  This week’s “Meet the Trader” has been posted!

SOLD – Maytag Washer Model A512 – Phoenix
For sale:  Maytag Washer Model A512, used, in working order, $50.   Will trade for silver and/or bitcoin.

SOLD –  Blackberry MetroPCS Mint – 140 BTC (N Prov) Also found in Boston – South Coast – Worcester. +30 Days old.

SOLD – Kymco Venox 2005 Motorcycle 250cc – Makes for a great city bike. Good on the city streets and on the highway. Gets very good gas mileage. Miles: 8000 Found in: All New York – Central NJ – Jersey Shore – North Jersey

03-29-2011 I’m fast at work, finishing up today’s episode of Meet the Trader!  It will be posted today!

03-28-2011 Just found the third (seemingly) legitimate Bitcoin Craigslist posting!

03-28-2011 Just sent my last batch of interview questions for this week’s “Meet the Trader!”

03-26-2011 BitcoinJ was mentioned briefly on last week’s This Week in Google, to very little fanfare.


03-21-2011 Other sites are now using the BTC Pulse plugin!

03-21-2011 Meet the Trader 03 is up!

03-20-2011 – Hey guys, right now I’m waiting on the answers to the last half of the interview… Meet the Trader 03 should be ready in a day or so.

03-18-2011 – The “Bitcoin Pulse” plugin is still in the works.  It will be a day or two before it’s ready.

03-18-2011 – I just sent off the first batch of “Meet the Trader” questions for Michael of CoinPal, Coincard, JJGames, and! It should definitely be worth reading!

03-16-2011 – I am very happy to announce the second “For Sale” listing I have found on Craigslist since the Bulletin started two weeks ago! Let’s help this bike get sold!

03-15-2011 – The schedule for “Meet the Trader” has been set for the following two weeks. Here it is:

The episode for the 21st will be with Michael Hendricks of CoinPal, Coincard, JJGames, and The 28th’s episode will be with Pavel Karoukin, operator of I’m very excited about both of these interviews!

03-15-2011 – Some time at the end of the week (probably Friday), my buddy Jared will be releasing his code on the API Bulletin for an “interactive website plugin.” Its purpose will be to display Bitcoin IRC chat right on your web page and allow visitors to jump right in! Should be fun… and very simple.

03-15-2011 – Thanks again to Cusipzzz of BTC Sportsbet for this week’s episode of “Meet the Trader.” 🙂

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