Bowling for Bitcoins: Meet the Trader 01

Meet the Trader is a weekly interview I’ll be doing to help the providers of the Bitcoin economy gain exposure.

Episode 01:  Peng Zhong of Nylira.


Spencer:  Hey Peng! Thanks for doing the interview!

Peng:  Hello Spencer. It’s nice to meet you.

Spencer:  We’ll get to your work in a minute, first let’s get to know you in three questions.

Spencer:  I play darts when I’m bored, what do you do?

Peng:  I listen to music. NIN, Fever Ray, Massive Attack.

Spencer:  You seem to be a man of the world (Hong Kong, San Fran). How did you end up in Berlin?

Peng: I’ve been spending time exploring Europe. Berlin is a comfortable place to get work done.

Spencer: When’s David Hasselhoff’s next album coming out? And is he as big there as he in Arkansas?

Peng:  It’s a common misconception that he’s big in Germany. I’ve asked around and I’ve gotten eye rolls at best.

Spencer: I’ve noticed your home page for your website has changed. I liked your old site too, why the switch?

Peng:  My new site is targeted at web developers who need help with visual design. I find that I prefer interacting with tech-savvy entrepreneurs. We’re more or less on the same wavelength, which means there’s less explaining to do.

Spencer: Two weeks at a flat rate, is that still your tag line?

Peng:  Flat rate yes, two weeks no. I have flexible work requirements, and I’ve found that the arbitrary two week wall has turned away projects I wouldn’t have minded doing.

Spencer: Looks like you might have been swept into the Ruby on Rails movement. What are your thoughts on Ruby/Rails vs PHP?

Peng: Ruby is a beautiful language, and Rails is a fantastic tool for quickly building a RDBMS-backed application. I don’t have an opinion on PHP, since I don’t have any experience with it.

Spencer: How did you hear about Bitcoin?

Peng:   There was a thread on Hacker News about the viability of Bitcoin mining for profit with a Radeon HD 5970. That piqued my interest.

Spencer: Have you had any Bitcoin clients to date?

Peng:  Not yet. I only found out about Bitcoin a week ago, and I’ve been busy in the meantime. That said, I can’t wait for my first BTC client.

Spencer: Again, thanks for your time!

Peng:   Thank you for the interview.

Peng Zhong

Information Architect

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