Hello world!

Welcome to the Bulletin. This is my first post.

Bitcoin is like baby Jesus.  It’s very young, but it’s going to change the world.

I know that Mining for Bitcoins is all the rage, and many people see Bitcoins as an investment vehicle.

But this Bulletin is focused on the services that accept Bitcoins as payment… reviewing those services… and keeping track of the Trader-related statistics and trade-volume.

As for the format and offerings of this site, here are my thoughts:

  • Unique content:  I hope to get in touch with Bitcoin vendors at weekly intervals and discuss their story and their product.  (Ideally, I could reach them by phone or Skype.)  Eventually, I might do recaps on Youtube.  Depends on the level of interest.  (Edit: The interest level for this idea is pretty dang high!  So if you’re a vendor, I might be gettin at ya.)
  • User generated content:  I will post user submissions (so long as they are vendor offerings) “classified style” as a Sticky Post on the front page.  The ones that pass a due-diligence test (fairly lenient) will be offered up in a newsletter and archived on the site… Soon.
  • Stats:  Though at first modest, I hope to serve up daily stats on a few key data points.  Total number of Traders on the wiki (including freelancers).  Other stats will follow.  Let me here what you’d like to see and I’ll work it in.  🙂

In order for this crazy ass currency-experiment to succeed (and really change the world), ordinary people must be confident that their Bitcoins directly translate into goods and services (like every other stable currency).   Otherwise, the symptoms of a deflationary currency (like Bitcoin hoarding) may become endemic to the cause.

Pretty soon I hope to get this site up and running.


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